Shane V.

Shane Vachal takes the lead guitar in the band, holding the other two up with his little fills and solos. Guitar has been his instrument for longer than it hasn't been-but he also plays a good handful of other instruments. Passionate and dedicated Shane puts his heart and soul into music. He spends his time playing video games or going for runs and bike rides.

Molly M.

Molly McGowan is the singer/lyricist of the band. She has been writing poetry since the second grade and singing for even longer. She has a passion for words and a love for words. Molly also loves her cat Wyatt very much- enough so to put it on the band's official website.

Anna B.

Anna Bovitz is one of the two guitarists in HYB. They've been playing guitar, bass, and piano for years now, and you can find them playing bass in other bands: The Future & The Drake Equation. Besides music they enjoy baking, video games, and spending time with dogs.


Hold your breath was originally started by Anna Bovitz and Molly McGowan just after School of Rock finished. The two were in a band together and decided to keep it going! At that point they had the name The Petty Garden Roses. Later on Shane Vachal had posted on Facebook about wanting to join a 'forever' band. That Friday he came to practice and we became- HYB.